22 y/o book lover and reviewer! I also design bookish merch that can be found on Redbubble and also offer services!

Welcome to my blog

This is where I (try) to write about the books I read in more detail than I do on my bookstagram

We Hunt the Flame – Review

There are not enough words in the English language – screw it, any language for the matter – that can describe how much joy reading this book has brought me. Albeit I have taken my time with reading it, my copy sitting on my desk for a couple of months; just watching me, waiting for me to pick it up and just devour it.

We Died In Water

We Died In Water is a bewitching poetical memoir that forces the reader to fully grasp the journey enclosed – both the heartache and learning that comes about from a relationship. 

Bury The Lede

by Gaby Dunn | Pub Date: 08 Oct 2019 I RECEIVED AN ARC FOR THIS BOOK. A dark and captivating rendition of Supergirl !  This graphic novel follows the uncertain navigation of Reporter Intern Madison Jackson through her first big murder lead, relationships, feelings and family drama. I loved the art style and the colours so much!Continue reading “Bury The Lede”

Aphrodite Made Me Do It

I received an ARC from NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review. What do you need? What are you looking for? Nothing Everything Author: Trista Mateer Publisher: Central Avenue & Publisher Publish date: 01/10/2019 Pages: 175 Though I have not read other works by Mateer, this one really blew me away. To be completely honest,Continue reading “Aphrodite Made Me Do It”


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