a new begining

I had a blog earlier this year, and it got deleted.

Albeit it wasn’t popular at all and I’m not sure anyone read the two reviews I had there, I want to start again and put more effort into writing.

As someone who English is a second language for, my brain likes to mix and match certain tenses and verbs; jumbling them. I want to keep writing to remind myself that I can continue to hone my skill of pouring my heart into words without it interfering with my ambitions in life.

In this blog I am to gush about books that make me feel light with joy, poetry that tugs at my heart strings and many more (I just haven’t thought of them yet).

To incorporate my scientific side with my artistic side is a battle I have been fighting for a while, but I am determined to win. whatever aspect of my university assignments I find interesting, I will hopefully write about in a lay aspect to make it more accessible #scienceisforeveryone

If you’ve read this far; thank you.

Please expect more to come.

– S

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