A Universe of Sufficient Size

Miriam Sved’s A Universe of Sufficient Size is a captivating story touching on family, friendship and sacrifice.

This book was quite entrancing, slowly pulling me into pages. I will be honest, at the first half of the book I found myself wanting to dive into the 1938 chapters, keeping my eye out for any more glimpses of the story there. However, this book really took me on a lovely ride that slowly made sense as I kept on reading. 

I am a scientist that tries to avoid any mentions of maths, but I still found myself clutching the book, fingers hovering over the pages to try to bring to life the words in my head. The intricate details mentioned, and the fact that maths brings these people together in the described intimate way fills me with so much joy. The friendship here was one of my favourite bits of the story, I wanted to be lost in the corners of the love they had for each other. 

It is the upper limit problem – the great open conjecture about whether a sufficiently large set will guarantee structure;

A Universe of Sufficient Size; page 289

I generally have a black and white view of endings. I either like them, or hate them. However here, I am perplexed. I felt that the ride Sved takes her readers through the alternating timelines really sets the ending wonderfully. Not being too revealing while also not making it expected. 

I quite liked the relationship Illy has with her children and how it is explored throughout the story. Not expected, and felt quite raw to me. 

taken from my instagram @scientifcstars

There were some aspects of this book that made me uncomfortable, however overall the experience of reading this story is something I don’t think I’ll forget. 

If you are after a story that will rattle you, and make you so immersed then I would definitely recommend you read A Universe of Sufficient Size by Miriam Sved.

Special thanks to Pan Macmillan Australia for sending me a review copy.

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