Fast YA reads

Whether you’re in a reading slump, don’t feel like dedicating yourself to a thick book, or just wanting to catch up with your reading goal – here are some books that might help. Everyone reads at their own pace, but you’ll consume these books (all around 300 pages) fast!

– Margaret Rogerson

Rogerson brings you on a fascinating journey with this fast and mesmerising YA fantasy, pulling you into a world that feels familiar from the first couple of pages. We follow Isobel, a master of her Craft, painting portraits of her most esteemed clients, the Fair Folk. These fae can’t cook, write or do the simplest of hobbies. As such, they exchange enchantments for paintings or books. When our heroine takes on a royal patron, her life changes as she is – quite literally – whisked away on an adventure. This was a (quasi-) lovers-enemies-to-lovers, with cute moments, magical woods and swords guaranteed to make your heart swell.

The Hazel Wood
– Melissa Albert

If you’re a fan of fairy tales – with a twist – then this book is for you. A clever tale of secrets hidden in plain sights, bad luck and the consequences of magic. As we follow Alice on her quest of getting her mother back after she got kidnapped, despite the one note she was left: “Stay away from the Hazel Wood.”
The Hazel Wood is the estate Alice’s grandmother lives in, the classic author loved by many. Though Alice and her mother have spent their lives running away from bad luck as well as her grandmother’s fans, Alice’s only chance of getting her mum back is to team up with a fan.

Saints and Misfits
– S.K. Ali

The muslim YA contemporary we’ve all been waiting for. Ali paints the daily struggles of a 15 y/o muslim girl as she navigates life’s joys and sorrows. We’re introduced to Janna, her family, friends and foes in such a beautiful way that sticks with you. The protagonist is someone you grow to love as the book goes on, you see the choices Janna makes change as her outlook on life gains bearings.

*** This book also tackles important issues such as islamophobia, sexual assault and death.

Saints and Misfits is also getting a sequel –> Misfits in Love!

Tweet Cute
– Emma Lord

Lord’s debut rom-com is tooth-rotting cuteness and snarky tweets! From popular culture references to mouth-watering food, this rom-com will not disappoint. Pepper and Jack are opposites; she’s the swim teams captain and an overachiever, and he’s the class clown. Pepper secretly runs the twitter account of her family’s burger franchise and gets stuck in a catty tweet war with the local deli’s account run by Jack. Their little war is loved by twitter and soon enough people start shipping them together. Can they endure the tension that results from their personal blows (tweets)?

What did you think? Do you have any other books you think are fast YA reads ? Please let me know your thoughts

2 responses to “Fast YA reads”

  1. Such a fantastic list! I highly HIGHLY recommend Albert’s companion book to The Hazel Wood, which is a collection of the fairytales discussed in the book. Delicious and atmospheric. And short stories are always fantastic when you don’t want to commit to something too big.


    1. Thank you Bec! Will add this to my list of books to read – I love short stories! – S


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