While You Were Reading

WRITING: ☆☆☆☆☆
OVERALL : ☆☆☆☆☆

If you’re looking for a light rom-com book that pulls you out of a reading slump, look no further!
Beatrix “Bea” Babbage is a bookworm who moves away from her home to a different city to start a new life — following a ruined celebration — and finds exactly that.
This was a I book I did not want to put down. it had everything I love and more; coffee, books, cute barista’s, annoying but loving sibling relationships! though I usually identify a lot with the characters of a book, I didn’t get that in this one…. usually I would be pretty annoyed by that and it would affect the rating BUT Bea’s characterisation was amazing! Don’t get me started on the beautiful one who writes book quotes on her latte cups.

Annotations inside a book is something that fills my heart with so much joy, and this book inspired me to start doing just that in my books!

Ex astris, sara

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine – and so am I.

WRITING: ☆☆☆☆☆
OVERALL : ☆☆☆☆☆

Having heard so much praise about this book, I wondered why I couldn’t just pick it up and read it. I believe that WHEN you read a certain book can affect the type of impact it has on our souls. I started reading this lovely, heart-breaking but also heart-warming tale of loneliness, friendship and kindness by Gail Honeyman in the end of one of my busiest months as a student. My exams are just around the corner, and I just couldn’t resist picking this up off a Big W shelf when I was walking by. And I am so grateful that I did. This story brought me to tears so many times, made me smile so big – I didn’t realise it was placing its clutches on my heart, making a home for itself. Definitely a must-read for everyone. everyone should experience the joys that come with reading such an insightful book into the world of Eleanor, how she’s overcome her tragedy.

Eleanor’s interactions with others is a motif for how she develops herself through her self. I enjoyed the developing friendship between Eleanor and Raymond, and what I loved most about is their lunch meets. Having Eleanor meet such a friendly and caring character helped her realise that the world is different from what she’s been led to believe. I loved the flowers she’s received from co-workers, having a cat that she takes the responsibility of looking after – it was an anchor to reality, for her I believe. If you are hesitant about picking up this book, definitely reconsider.

Ex astris, sara


In this crowded coffee shop, buzzing with the sounds of plates being set, chairs being scraped, chit-chat and laughter; sits i, hazelnut latte in hand.

I feel very serene in that moment, liquid courage slowly fuelling me up.

Suddenly the research that is piling up does not seem like the end of the world. Or rather, it does. I just feel prepared to battle it; war cry keen to escape my throat.

Walking by, is a boy dressed head to toe in black. Leather jacket and boots a shiny contrast against a black cotton t-shirt and black jeans. Holding a bag from a bakery, moving a hand from right, left, up and down without pausing pace.

There is an elderly lady in the table beside me, book open and coffee cup filled with only remains of a foamy drink.

Across from me, sits one of my friends; brows furrowed in concentration, hands gliding smoothly over keyboard keys. Every couple of minutes, insecurities play up and you hear whispers of:

“I’m not ready to be in charge of a patient!”


“oh my, what if I accidentally kill someone?”

But, I am prepared this time and make sure to lessen her worries. She will make a great nurse, I know it.

So we sit there, the cacophony of the cafe slowly being tuned out by the focus. I will finish what I can. With my own coffee cup now filled with remnants of what-once-was, my fingers stating fact after fact, explaining mechanisms of action and giving overviews of medications that maybe one day I will get to prescribe.

One day; in a cafe just like this one, I’ll sit and read this post.

I have a bit of a habit of romanticising things around me. I learnt my lesson with people, but I hope I never do with places and what-nots.

– S

a new begining

I had a blog earlier this year, and it got deleted.

Albeit it wasn’t popular at all and I’m not sure anyone read the two reviews I had there, I want to start again and put more effort into writing.

As someone who English is a second language for, my brain likes to mix and match certain tenses and verbs; jumbling them. I want to keep writing to remind myself that I can continue to hone my skill of pouring my heart into words without it interfering with my ambitions in life.

In this blog I am to gush about books that make me feel light with joy, poetry that tugs at my heart strings and many more (I just haven’t thought of them yet).

To incorporate my scientific side with my artistic side is a battle I have been fighting for a while, but I am determined to win. whatever aspect of my university assignments I find interesting, I will hopefully write about in a lay aspect to make it more accessible #scienceisforeveryone

If you’ve read this far; thank you.

Please expect more to come.

– S

The Last Time I’ll Write About You

I received an ARC for this book.

“I don’t think you think of me
The way I think of you
For you do so only sporadically
While I have you in me

What a BEAUTIFUL poem. this book gave me so many goosebumps and made a few almost-tears threaten to spill down my cheeks. The short and very concise wording of this collection makes me so happy that not a lot of unnecessary stuff was taken out of the book, and only the very heart warming (and breaking) bits were kept! It talks about how love can change us, while in a relationship and its aftermath. The way apologies threaten to spill out of lovers lips but are stopped by a force of pride with a mix of hurt and anger.

It involved a poem named Northern Star that is probably one of my favourites ever! The idea of looking up to the same sky as a lover and wishing that the pull of the universe could just lead them back to you.

Another notion in this collection of poetry, albeit a very sad one is the feeling overwhelment. The feeling of having TOO MUCH of a thought for someone, and learning to slowly take small bites.

The last bit I’ll talk about it the poem named “Mystery Solved”
“I think you loved me
And I loved you
But we never really did
At the same time.”

This brought me to tears, I love the simplicity of the words, and the way they hit so close to home. Star-crossed to a whole new level.

This piece is so well crafted, concise and brings someone to reality really fast.

Ex astris, sara

The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One

I received an ARC for this book.

WRITING: ☆☆☆☆☆
OVERALL : ☆☆☆☆☆

“there exists
a fine line

Having read “The Princess Saves Herself in this One” and loved it, you can tell I was so excited to know Amanda Lovelace is coming out with a companion! Her poetry style is something that is so elegantly simple and yet reaches so deep and clutches your heart strings (in a good way).

She did receive a little bit of criticism (amongst many other authors) regarding her style of writing, and wether this new wave of ~tumblr poetry~ is even poetry at all. As art is something that is so subjective, I do think poetry can come in all forms, and the only rule that exists for poetry: is that it makes you feel.

“They scratched it
out of the history books,
but on all the
great innovations you will find
scorch marks in the shape of
a woman’s


Women are libraries about to burst made me burst with emotion, I loved the way Amanda phrased the meaning behind her words. With raw fire and an urge to leave a message.

Many poems in this book made me have to stop, and just relish in the words….. And in my opinion, if poetry doesn’t make you do that, then its not poetry.

Amanda’s passion is very clear, though I didn’t like every poem of the book. There were definitely moments where I was just, confused as to what a certain piece is doing, and what is it adding to the bigger picture.

But there is no denying that the author poured all of her heart and vulnerabilities into the completing this book. The topics discussed are a bit deeper, and there is a sense of healing.

Another one of my favourite pieces at the end of the collection, entices such courage and warm feelings in my, and I’m so thankful it.

you are
the fire
& tomorrow
you will be
the sea

& they’ll
have no choice
but to hear your siren song.”

Though this poetry collection is not for everyone, there is no denying I enjoyed so many poems featured and they’ve inspired me to create. Enjoyed making this gif to go along with the review!

Ex astris, sara

The Wrath and the Dawn

WRITING: ☆☆☆☆☆
OVERALL : ☆☆☆☆☆

As someone who hasn’t read A thousand and one nights, I don’t know if I can judge this book against the original. But I honestly loved this book heaps. I loved reading about characters with names I hear and associate with my culture and society, with issues that (were a little exaggerated) but I would not mind a Tariq of my own. I loved the writing style of Renee Ahdeih, and I cannot wait to read the sequel and the short stories she’s written.

(very little mild spoilers if you squint below, so be warned!!!)

I did not like Khalid at the beginning, and I was honestly wanting her to go along with her plan and end him. Though that changed as the book went along. One thing I would’ve loved is for Shazi to be stronger. To be more fierce and to have interacted with more female character other than Despina (whom I LOVED btw, she was great even though we barely saw of her or of her relationships)

the beginning of the book was quite nicely paced, but I feel like the second half of the book, especially the last couple of chapters were very rushed. nonetheless, I give this book a 4/5