Aphrodite Made Me Do It

I received an ARC from NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.

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Author: Trista Mateer

Publisher: Central Avenue & Publisher

Publish date: 01/10/2019

Pages: 175

Though I have not read other works by Mateer, this one really blew me away. To be completely honest, the title and the cover is what made me gravitate towards this wonderfully crafted poetry collection.

The illustrations are out of this world. The way Mateer combined artwork and poetry gave me a feel of a very sophisticated mesh.

The poetry that you see on the internet (ie, tumblr!) is very similar to the way this was written, where it has a way of reaching out of its confinement’s of screen and grasping the strings of your heart.

Every single part of this beautifully crafted book gave me goosebumps, but I find myself highlighting a few, and reaching for my poetry notebook. This is where I write any poetry that I read online, in books or anywhere that has touched me in some way. Words are something very dear to me.

There were wars started in my name.

Oh how lovely is that ending of the first poem of Aphrodite Airs Her Grievances. Ares really didn’t stand a chance.

If you love poetry and want something that will make you fall in love with it even more; I highly recommend you pick this up! The art is definitely something you haven’t seen before.

Ex astris, sara

The Last Time I’ll Write About You

I received an ARC for this book.

“I don’t think you think of me
The way I think of you
For you do so only sporadically
While I have you in me

What a BEAUTIFUL poem. this book gave me so many goosebumps and made a few almost-tears threaten to spill down my cheeks. The short and very concise wording of this collection makes me so happy that not a lot of unnecessary stuff was taken out of the book, and only the very heart warming (and breaking) bits were kept! It talks about how love can change us, while in a relationship and its aftermath. The way apologies threaten to spill out of lovers lips but are stopped by a force of pride with a mix of hurt and anger.

It involved a poem named Northern Star that is probably one of my favourites ever! The idea of looking up to the same sky as a lover and wishing that the pull of the universe could just lead them back to you.

Another notion in this collection of poetry, albeit a very sad one is the feeling overwhelment. The feeling of having TOO MUCH of a thought for someone, and learning to slowly take small bites.

The last bit I’ll talk about it the poem named “Mystery Solved”
“I think you loved me
And I loved you
But we never really did
At the same time.”

This brought me to tears, I love the simplicity of the words, and the way they hit so close to home. Star-crossed to a whole new level.

This piece is so well crafted, concise and brings someone to reality really fast.

Ex astris, sara